Preserving the Past for the Future

Without knowing from whence we come, there is little hope for charting a pleasant, human-centered future.  Thus, saving our cultural resources, "Alas, all too rapidly vanishing into the limbo of time", is a vital endeavor.  See some selected Historic Preservation work of Luke Idziak below.



Saturn V Rocket Design / Fabrication / Repair / Assembly

U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, Alabama  Summer 2007

Conservation, fabrication and design work on a Saturn V Rocket.

Luke Idziak: Contractor Employee Technician.


Duties:  Diagnostic, repair, fabrication, and recreation work performed upon a variety of sub- assemblies and materials in the main stages, capsule, escape rocket motor, and nosecone of a Saturn V rocket. Discovery of hairline fractures in a titanium support truss. Personal design of a novel internal nosecone attachment mechanism.


Time Capsules

The Stillwater, Minn. Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Statue giving up a lost time capsule to modern discovery.

Conservation Technician Luke Idziak, assisting.

Conservation Design and Fabrication / Recreation

Environmental Protection Agency, Ariel Rios Federal Building, 1201 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC


Bronze Door element recreation and installation with automatic opener retrofit.  Chief fabricator: Luke Idziak

Conservation Solutions Inc., 2007 


Book Bank Used Bookstore, Defense and Management

Manager and sci-fi section organizer: Luke Idziak

Buying, selling, opening and closing.

Book Bank Used Books, 1510 King St. Old Town Alexandria VA.  2006-2009.