Public Art Commissions and Exhibitions




- Chabot Space and Science Center, Oakland, CA. -  Pathfinder

  Technology Demonstrator Cubesat sculpture v.1 on exhibit in 

  spacecraft display hall. Designed and built at NASA Ames Research 





- John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center, Washington DC

  Pathfinder Spacescraft sculpture v.2 on exhibit in the Hall of Nations.

  Designed and built at NASA Ames Research Center.


-Interplanetary Small Spacecraft Conference, Cal Tech, Pasadena, CA.   

 Biosentinel Spacecraft Sculpture and Swarm Interactive Cubesat 

 Sculpture exhibited. Designed and built at NASA Ames Research Center.




- NASA Headquarters, Washington DC

  Pathfinder Spacecraft sculpture v.3 in exhibit collection.

  Designed and built at NASA Ames Research Center.


- Small Satellite Conference, Logan, Utah  -  PTD spacecraft sculpture 

   v.1 exhibited. Designed and built at NASA Ames Research Center.




- NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA. SOFIA Airborne

  Astronomy Telescope model, Restoration and recreation of earlier

  model with new elements and design and fabrication of new display

  pediment and case.




- NASA Ames Research Center, Mission Design Center, Moffett Field, CA.

  Dustcatcher Sounding Rocket Payload instrument model with

  functioning actuators and autonomous rotary sample collector pods.




"KolyaSat 1" Spacecraft sculpture, exhibited at ISU Strasbourg, France




Dupont Underground Preservation Laser Test Show version 1.
Washinton DC Arts and Humanities supported exhibit.




Fab Lab DC- LASER ARRAY historic presevatioart/design/tech exhibit




- "DINO WISLA"  Krakow, Poland.  Public Mural for Wisla soccer club facility.


- "A Time Capsule for the Westover Library", Project Grant received from Arlington 

   County Public Art Program to preserve the memory of a neighborhood library

   from the ravenous mists of time.


- Art Enables Gallery, Washington, DC

  On Display: Selected mechanical and illuminated sculptural creatures composed  

  of bike parts, lights, wiring.  Built with local students in a workshop at the Phoenix

  Bikes Co-op.




- Recycled Art Show, Arlington County Central Library, Arlington, VA. "Wheeled

  Victory, or, The Cyborg of Interstellar Justice". A cybernetic, kinetic sculpture of

  humanity in the far future, Commissioned by the Arlington Cultural Affairs Office.


- Girard St. Garden, DC Bi-Lingual Public Charter School, Washington, DC

   "Defense Insect"  An interactive, illuminated sculptural sentinel for enrichment of

   a community garden.  Commissioned by City Blossoms Garden Consultancy Inc.




- Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC, "Interior Spaces"  Commission received 

   to design and build a multidimensional area/user separation installation.


- Hume Band east coast tour, Death by Audio Studios (NYC), Danger Danger

   Gallery (Philadelphia), Hexagon Art Space (Baltimore, MD), Gold Leaf Studios

   (Washington DC), “Cthulu Trinity", Commission received to design and fabricate a

   three person, full band enclosure, wearable apparatus with responsive



- 52 O St. Open Studios Exhibition, Washington DC, “Wheeled Victory” humanoid

   figure section on display during sculpting process.




- Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC, "Camera Obscura"  on display for the

  Ansel Adams/Annie Leibovitz Photography Retrospective. Commission received

  to design and build an interactive, immersive exhibit apparatus. 




- Fresh Young Fredericksburg Group Show, Libertytown Art Center, Fredericksburg

  VA,“Tyrannosaurus Mechs".  Found material sculpture of a cyber predator chasing

  cyber herbivores.  From the past and a future, made from discarded bicycle and

  computer parts.


Work in Permanent Collections




-The Library of Congress, American Folklife Center, Veterans History Project

  collection #AFC/2001/001/31144

  Interview with Frank Murphy, World War II veteran and Machinist First Class.






-San Francisco Botanical Research Institute, Mountain View, CA

 Founding of two research arcology stations: Santa Cruz Lot 7 and San

 Jose Lot 19. Privately owned by the institute to further the botanical

 sciences and allow intern teams and partner organizations to perform

 in-situ field research in a wide diversity of bay area climatic regions.




-Noonan Building Studios, Pier 70 San Francisco, CA #213. Operator and

 founder of a full time design/invention laboratory, and sculpture studio.

 Founder of a design working group with a full spectrum of contributory

 practices and multimedia collaborations. Open house art show





-52 “O” St. Studios, Washington DC #303.

 Operator and founder of a multi person design and sculpture studio. Worked with, 

 assisted, and learned from other building artists in a diverse array of fields and

 media. Open house art show exhibitions.




2012-13    International Space University, Strasbourg, France 

                 MSc. Space Studies


2009         Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland 

                  Cert. Polish Language and History


2002-06    University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia  

                  B.A. Historic Preservation