Now in progress... Creating Anticipatory Nostalgia and Fighting the Ravenous Mists of Time

The Westover Library
The Westover Library

A  Time Capsule for the

Westover Library Community


In anticipation of the upcoming relocation and demolition of the present Westover Library, a time capsule will be created to preserve the memory and history of the library and its place in the community. Local resident, artist and historic preservation specialist Luke Idziak will lead a team of youth from the Phoenix Bikes program in stocking and creating the capsule, which will be installed in the new Reed School/Westover Library now under construction. The project is supported by a grant from the Arlington County Cultural Affairs Public Art Program.


The information that will be placed into the capsule for preservation is intended to save the present Westover Library from the ravenous mists of time and provide the future with a full spectrum slice of life in and around the library from a past perspective in a time of change and transition.


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